Selecting The Right Dining Table Dimensions And Shape For You

The dining room table is a crucial part of every home’s interior design. However, some people pay more attention to the couch, the color of the kitchen cabinets, or even the TV. Although, since it’s usually the focal point of every dining room, kitchen, or sometimes the entire floor, the dining table can make or break the whole composition, and this is when dining table dimensions and shapes play a big role. When it comes to choosing the correct table, there are three most important things to always keep in mind:

Don’t worry if this seems too vague for you. We’ll explain it in detail. Keep reading and learn all about table sizes and seating, what your living room needs, and what’s the best table shape for your home.

The (Dining) Room and Its Characteristics

Usually, the dining room is a busy place. However, not all people use it in the same manner. So, the first thing you need to do is assess the space and get a table that fits your needs.

Assess the Space

It’s perfectly normal to use the living room as a place where you gather your family to have a meal after a long day of work. However, it’s also standard for people to use this room for parties, celebrations, or meetings with a more considerable crowd. Different table widths require more or less space to fit the room properly. So, before you start choosing dining table shapes, you should know the piece’s purpose in the room. If you need a table for everyday use, something high maintenance probably won’t be the right fit. Also, don’t forget about dining table dimensions. If your room needs to take in multiple people simultaneously, there should be enough space to fit them all. On occasions like these, many people experiment with round table sizes. If you choose the right size, you’ll have enough room to dance and dine at the same time.

Choose the Right Material

Thinking about table sizes and seating isn’t the only critical assessment about the room you’ll have to do. The material is just as important as dining table dimensions. Thinking about how the table will be used is once again the right approach. Wood tables give off a “family feeling” and usually are the perfect fit for everyday use. They won’t show fingerprints or age that easily, so maintenance will be pretty straightforward. If you’re going with a modern aesthetic, try a glass table. It may seem unusual initially, but a glass table can look quite appealing when designed the right way.

The Style

This is where people get lost. They aren’t sure which table style to go for because they aren’t sure about the room. Include the previous two steps, and see what fits in best with the rest of the interior.  That way, you’ll know if you need a traditional hardwood table or a modern piece of art. Of course, make sure you have the chairs that follow the composition.

Choosing the Right Dining Table Shape

Rectangular Dining Table

It’s the most popular of all dining table shapes for multiple reasons. Most dining rooms are rectangular, and these tables can fit several guests and usually fill the room quite nicely.  Now, it’s necessary to think about the chairs as well. Table widths change once you add chairs around the edges, so if your dining room isn’t that spacious, you’ll need a quick fix. If you find yourself in this situation, think about exchanging chairs for benches that can fit under the table when they aren’t in use. If you don’t think about different table sizes and seating alternatives, you’ll be left with limited options for your design.

Round Dining Tables

If you wish to feel close to the ones you’re sitting with, going with a round dining table is the way to go. With no head of the table, every person can talk to each other without difficulties. Most round table sizes are perfect for small gatherings. Of course, there are round tables with changeable table widths. Just pull out the extension, turn the setting into an oval table, and host the crowd. And, no matter what’s the shape of your room, you can’t miss going with a round table.

Square Dining Tables

There’s no better fit than a square table in a square-shaped room. If your dining room is shaped like a square, this is your option. You’ll have the intimacy of all participants sitting close to each other, speaking with no obstacles. Keep in mind that this type of table usually seats as many as four people. So, if you plan on hosting dinner parties, this may not be the best fit. In that case, going with oval or rectangular would make things easier.

Oval Dining Tables

Oval-shaped dining tables are the most eye-catching of the bunch. Their soft lines don’t match the rest of the house, which creates an appealing design for the spectator. The “cut-off” edges give off a more intimate look and remind of round tables with more options. Oval tables seem like they require less space than the rectangular-shaped ones, making them perfect for dinners in a smaller room.

Choosing the Right Table Size Based on the Shape

The shape is a factor when choosing the perfect table size for your needs. So before you decide on the dimensions, check out this guide. Keep in mind that the diameter number determines the oval table sizes. So, plan based on that number.  If you’re going for a 4 feet (48 inches diameter) table, no matter which shape you choose, it’s going to fit four people comfortably. 5 feet (60 inches) and 6 feet (72 inches) tables seat six people regardless of their shape. 8 feet oval and rectangular tables seat eight people at once, while a 10 feet table seats ten comfortably. These sizes aren’t typical for round and square tables. If your needs vary from time to time and you only need a large setting every once in a while, getting yourself an extension table will be best. It allows you to have a more intimate experience in everyday life while holding the possibility of hosting a dinner with more guests. Just remember to measure the full size and make sure the table fits your dining room.

Table-to-Wall Clearance

Don’t forget about the table-to-wall clearance, either. Your guests need room to go in and out of their seats. 42-48 inches will probably be enough space between the table edges and the walls.  This will allow everybody to move easily and enjoy their dinner at the table. 

If You Need Help

Choosing a dining table is an important decision. Most likely, it will be in your life for some time. So, if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, maybe getting some help from professionals is the best solution. Visit Moku Artisan’s website and contact our design team. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have about dining tables.

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